About Us

TechnoTerra is founded by Filipino IT Professionals who believe that there is always a way to improve the IT situation in every company.

  • We work as a team – We move as one in executing every details of the project through proper coordination and timely updates within the team and with the clients.
  • We are fast – We pride ourselves in effectively executing our plans in the quickest and most efficient way possible.
  • We are innovative – We look for better and more sustainable ways to achieve a certain objective.
  • We have the best support – We are easy to reach and we respond to client’s requests in the most personal way.

Our combined experience in the IT industry has equipped us to come up with much better ways of letting your company operate with leverage and with an edge.

TechnoTerra understands the vast opportunities that can help businesses thrive competitively in this global market. With today’s breakthroughs in technology, we can bring you a world without borders. We aim to bring you innovative solutions that tailor-fit your company’s needs so you can keep up with the fast-paced modern world. The secret is running effectively and efficiently.

So, let’s talk. Sit down with us and we’ll tell you how we can get you ahead.

Products and Solutions


  • Disaster Recovery / High Availability – Increase up-time and data availability with a flexible, scalable high availability and disaster recovery solution with an affordable price tag.
  • Antivirus /Antimalware- Prevent downtime, financial loss and database integrity issues caused by virus and malware infection in your system with effective Antivirus and Antimalware solutions.
  • Structured Cabling Design / Implementation – Make your organization’s networking system smooth and long-lasting for years by installing quality high-speed cabling and design at a reasonable cost.
  • Database Management / System Administration – Get optimized data at any point and utilize your technology at its optimum level so as to keep efficiency in every department at its peak.
  • Cloud Infrastructure / Managed Services – Have a faster infrastructure than a standalone in-house IT structure. Concentrate on your core business objectives while having us take care of specific aspects of your IT department.
  • Virtualization / Hyperconvergence – Drive significant business, operational and financial benefits by accelerating deployment of workload and reducing complexity of your infrastructure.
  • Backup Solutions – Secure your company data with easy, complete and safe solutions for data in local, remote, cloud and mobile devices.
  • Document Digitalization / Document Management Services – Reduce business process bottlenecks with a quick and easy digital documents management system.
  • Website and Email Hosting (Managed Services) – We can help you with your domain registration, website hosting, design and implement your company website.

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