Products and Solutions


  • Disaster Recovery / High Availability – Increase up-time and data availability with a flexible, scalable high availability and disaster recovery solution with an affordable price tag.
  • Antivirus /Antimalware- Prevent downtime, financial loss and database integrity issues caused by virus and malware infection in your system with effective Antivirus and Antimalware solutions.
  • Structured Cabling Design / Implementation – Make your organization’s networking system smooth and long-lasting for years by installing quality high-speed cabling and design at a reasonable cost.
  • Database Management / System Administration – Get optimized data at any point and utilize your technology at its optimum level so as to keep efficiency in every department at its peak.
  • Cloud Infrastructure / Managed Services – Have a faster infrastructure than a standalone in-house IT structure. Concentrate on your core business objectives while having us take care of specific aspects of your IT department.
  • Virtualization / Hyperconvergence – Drive significant business, operational and financial benefits by accelerating deployment of workload and reducing complexity of your infrastructure.
  • Backup Solutions – Secure your company data with easy, complete and safe solutions for data in local, remote, cloud and mobile devices.
  • Document Digitalization / Document Management Services – Reduce business process bottlenecks with a quick and easy digital documents management system.
  • Website and Email Hosting (Managed Services) – We can help you with your domain registration, website hosting, design and implement your company website.